Top 3 Online Law School Advantages

In a recent article posted here, the deficiencies in law school curriculum were discussed.  The top 2 complaints were the fact that law school is expensive and most law schools don’t adequately train students.   Given such realities, attending a quality online law school can have tremendous advantages for the right student.

1.Top Online Law School Advantage:  Cost

With many top-ranked law school programs topping $50,000 in student costs, we have discussed the fact that in most cases, online law schools are usually much more affordable than brick and mortar schools, which is clearly a large advantage for most students.

2.  Top Online Law School Advantage:  Preparing Students to Work as Lawyers.

This advantage manifests itself in two separate manners.  First, the students who are the most successful in correspondence law schools and distance law schools are students who have self-discipline and a well-established sense of personal responsibility.  These students understand that they are responsible for creating results and the hard work involved in creating results.  Unsurprisingly, many of the most well-known lawyers share the same traits.  Students who have succeeded in a reputable online law school are arguably ahead of their competitors who are just learning the importance of self-discipline and ambition.  The best online law school students have been practicing such skills from day one.

The second manner in which online law school students at St. Francis are better prepared to work as lawyers is the fact that our entire upper-division curriculum has been designed to emphasize the most important practical skills our students might need (the same skills traditional law schools leave out).   What is a working capital adjuster? Our students know because our business transactions course covers actual business transactions and not just theory.  What key things should you consider when drafting a motion to dismiss?  Our students know because our civil procedure course is designed to teach them relevant litigation strategy instead of merely doctrines.

3.  Top Online Law School Advantage:  Flexibility

Of course, flexibility is the key advantage to many of our students.  It is difficult for ambitious professionals to pause their careers for three years to attend online law school full-time.  However, by attending law school on a part-time basis for four years, students are able to earn a law degree without falling behind.


About onlinelawdegree

St. Francis was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, where new start-up companies, young entrepreneurs, and the world’s leading venture capital firms have created some of the world’s most innovative companies. St. Francis began when a group of entrepreneurs began lamenting the state of legal education and the fact that: * When most law students graduate, they are not armed with the skills they actually need to practice law and instead learn how to practice law during the first three years on the job, at the expense of clients. * Clients are beginning to refuse to pay for junior associates to get trained on the job; * Legal jobs and services are quickly being shifted overseas; * There are fewer “big law” jobs available; and * Law students are taking on huge amounts of debt in the hopes of obtaining “big law” jobs. We quickly realized that there is a growing demand for a different type of legal education and our mission is to provide it. At St. Francis, we emphasize the things students need to know to practice law, thereby supplying the legal market with graduates who have already gained exposure to a wide range of skills that most law graduates do not obtain until several years on the job.
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