St. Francis School of Law is an online law school that draws upon the teaching methods used by the world’s most prestigious law schools, but eliminates unnecessary theoretical content and emphasizes practical skills.

St. Francis was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, where new start-up companies, young entrepreneurs, and the world’s leading venture capital firms have created some of the world’s most innovative companies, including Apple, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, and Oracle, among many others.

St. Francis began when a group of entrepreneurs began lamenting the state of legal education and the fact that:

  • When most law students graduate, they lack the skills actually needed to practice law and instead must learn during the first three years on the job;
  • Clients are beginning to refuse to pay for associates to be trained on the job;
  • Legal jobs and services are quickly being shifted overseas;
  • There are fewer “big law” jobs available; and
  • Law students are taking on huge amounts of debt in the hopes of obtaining “big law” jobs.

We quickly realized that there is a growing demand for a different type of legal education and our mission is to provide it!

Practical Focus:

At St. Francis, we emphasize the things students need to know to practice law, thereby supplying the legal market with graduates who have already gained exposure to a wide range of skills that most law graduates do not obtain until several years on the job.  Our curriculum is not focused entirely on the “case method” approach.  We teach our students the actual rules of law and methods of interpretation in a straight-forward fashion.  Rather than hiding the ball and having students read inconsistent, out-dated cases, we present the law and issues, and then focus on their real-world application.  Our students gain critical thinking skills by exploring the interaction between the real-world and law, and therefore we think our students will be in a superior position to succeed in the changing legal landscape.

World Class Faculty:

Our faculty members have been selected to teach specifically due to their commitment to, and belief in, the St. Francis approach.  We want our professors to show students what the “real world” is like and to challenge them to think more strategically and perform with more success than graduates of other law schools.  The quality of our faculty members is akin to the quality you would find at a traditional brick and mortar law school.  They are practitioners who have studied at top law schools, worked for prestigious top-tier law firms, and have tremendous practical experience they are eager to share in the classroom.

A Price You Can Afford:

Our programs are priced to allow our students to afford tuition while continuing their careers. St. Francis also offers scholarships for students in our JD program based on academic excellence, work experience, and LSAT scores.


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